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Are you thinking about making an order?
Before you make one, please decide what kind of drawing you would like.

- Find a relatively good quality picture for me to proceed from, preferably several. This makes it      easier for me to find the right colours and structures for your drawing.

- What kind of background would you like to have? Of course, I can make you a few different ones and let you choose one of them, but it is always easier if you have a wish.
Examples: Black/white studio, playful and so on.

- What style would you like - playful or realistic and how detailed? Something to keep in mind is    that the playful drawings are a bit cheaper than the realistic ones.

Example-drawings marked Plus points out that they are a bit more expensive than the prices below. They may have many accessories, several individuals or something else that stands out and is very time consuming.

At the moment, I am only accepting payment through Swish.


Cheaper but just as beautiful.
Feel free to use your fantasy and let us create the animal of your dreams! Or may it be a beast?

99 - 199 SEK

PLAYFUL SILVER - Detailed animal portrait with a good image resolution, with a playful background and focus on head.

199 - 299 SEK

PLAYFUL GOLD - Detailed half body of an animal, with a good image resolution and a playful background.
Focus on head, neck and chest.

299 - 399 SEK

PLAYFUL PREMIUM - Detailed whole body drawing of an animal, with a good image resolution and a playful background.
Focus on the whole body.



Would you like to immortalize someone or something through something else then a photograph? You are not alone.
Expect a very detailed drawing, a bit more realistic than the playful ones, but with an extra touch.

199 - 299 SEK

SILVER - Very detailed portrait with a good image resolution and a background of your choice. Focus on head.

299 - 399 SEK

GOLD - Similar to the portrait but with focus on head, neck and chest.
You get a very detailed half body drawing with good image resolution and a background of your choice.

399 - 499 SEK

PREMIUM - Very detailed whole body drawing with a good image resolution and a background of your choice. This package does also include one detailed accessory.
Focus on the whole body.

A.S Digital Art

I am using Photoshop Elements 12 Editor and the Intuos drawing tablet.
Every drawing may be used by me.

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